3 Employee Team Building Activities during Covid -19 Pandemic

Are you wondering what kind of team-building activities would be best for your employees during this coronavirus period? The covid-19 pandemic has affected many workplaces. Its restriction measures have reduced team-building activities. This has reduced work productivity leading to boring working environments. However, there are different ways of building employees’ morale regardless of the strict measures from covid-19.

They include;

Online work out classes

You can enroll your employees in yoga or workout classes. These workout classes can be held online whole they are in their comfort zones. This will help minimize the risk of contact and the spread of the virus. It will also elevate the team’s moods after a vigorous workout class.

Video conferencing happy hour

Employees can hold happy hour meetings on zoom or Microsoft teams. They can organize a coffee or cocktail together. They can have their beverages while socializing. This is more likely to bring your workers together as they bring their different ideas and views. During the online happy hour, the team can discuss matters regarding work. That way, there will be easy communication with the employees.

Online Virtual games

It doesn’t have to be outdoor games all the time. With the covid-19 restriction measures, teams can have virtual games. They can play these online games even when they are working from home. Team leaders decide on a game that teams will play and alert their teams. They can also reward winners if they win. That way, they will boost employees’ spirit and motivate them.


It is good to keep work spirit going on despite the covid-19. It is because no one knows when the disease will come to an end. For that reason, we must learn how to live with it. with these helpful team-building activities, employees can still enjoy themselves.